Monday, March 17, 2008

Open thread: baaa!

For the upcoming lamb discussion, a thread all its own!

Incidentally, did anyone else know that David Macaulay (of The Way Things Work fame) wrote a book called Baaa about sheep inheriting the earth?? Wacky.


Bee said...

I love it! A lamb thread!

I will start the baaa rolling by saying that I can remember EXACTLY when I ate my first lamb. I was in fifth grade, and we were skiing just outside of Montreal with some Canadian friends of my parents.

We just didn't eat lamb (not to mention mutton!) in Texas; it was beef all the way. (And I have to confess that steak and baked potato would still be my last meal on earth -- should I be forced to pick one.)

I don't think I ate lamb again until I was an adult. In My English Experience, most of the locals just give it a good roasting -- maybe with some rosemary and garlic. Lamb is traditional for Easter, but Tamasin Day-Lewis claims that it is really too young then -- that it is better for May or June eating. Since we are having a really early Easter (yikes, it is freezing here!), maybe lamb is not the best choice.

I'm going to consult with our local organic butcher -- Sheepdrove Organics -- and report back.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm big on lamb!! For some reason it was usually available down here in spring. Maybe it was a Hispanic thing?

It would be in the store about the same time as Cabrito.

Hard to beat a rack of lamb.

And no, I did not know that!

Anne said...

I didn't grow up eating much lamb, and I still don't eat it very often. As far as my animal protein consumption goes, chicken probably makes up 90%. I think I've had rack of lamb once or twice, leg of lamb only once. When I do have lamb, it's typically in a stew-like setting, and usually an Indian curry at that.

Easter is next weekend! I hadn't realized.