Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CSA: Week of April 14 to April 18

I am writing this from work (go, code monkey, go!), but waiting on my doorstep at home should be this week's box of delicious, local, organic produce. It's rather similar to last week's box, which in a way, is very good: I already know what to do with it, so I needn't spend extra time looking for recipes.

- Asparagus (1 pound). Some will go into a noodle dish (note to self: get ginger on the way home), some will likely be roasted. Tasty and easy.
- Baby lettuce (8 ounces). Salads, as usual.
- Green chard (1 bunch). I'll probably have some with my noodles and asparagus tonight, and I might stuff some chicken with the rest. Or maybe I'll revisit that chard, raisin, and pine nut tart!
- Green garlic (0.5 pound). The salsa fresca I made on with last week's green garlic was wonderful, so I'll probably do the same with this week's bunch. Green garlic, a small red onion (chopped, rinsed, and drained), two jalapenos (cored and seeded), a fistful of cilantro (coarsely chopped), three tomatoes (cored and seeded), a lemon or lime's worth of juice, and some salt and pepper. Whiz in the food processor and enjoy!
- Ruby grapefruit (2 pounds). I don't need to tell you how to enjoy grapefruit.
- Rosemary (1 bunch). And when they say a bunch, they mean a bunch. I really need to do that olive oil thing. Until then, maybe potatoes.
- d'Anjou pears (2 pounds). Yummy plain and raw.
- Fennel (0.5 pound). Mmm, green beans with roasted fennel and shallots....
- Pistachios (0.25 pound). Hooray! I love pistachios.
- Nantes carrots (1 bunch). More peeling and cutting up for snacking at work.
- Radishes or beets (1 bunch). If beets, they're going to the parents. I'm not really sure what to do with radishes.

Hope everyone is having a good week! If you are, drop a note about it in comments so that I can live vicariously through you.


Bee said...

I can't believe you get pistachios in your box! Reading about your box always makes me want to get my own box, but an English box just wouldn't be the same as a Northern CA box.

Believe it or not, Tom Parker Bowles did a food column on radishes recently. He recommended eating them raw: indeed, he said they could not, should not, be eaten any other way. He thinks they should be spread with good butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. I cannot vouch for this, though, as I think radishes are for Peter Rabbit.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I love radishes (raw).

Anne said...

Not to rub it in, Bee, but the pistachios are delicious. And this time they even came pre-shelled! Of course, this makes it far too easy to devour far too many of them at once, so they are not long for this world. I granted them a stay of execution (of all of 9-10 hours) by not bringing them to work with me.

I have tried radishes once or twice and so far, I'm with you, Bee. I will try the good butter and sea salt (a French preparation, if I'm not mistaken), but I am finding myself wishing I had a rabbit. Or a goat! I think what I'd most like is a pair of sheep, but I'm not sure how they feel about radishes.

Brave Sir Robin said...

btw - Radishes can be roasted.

Anne said...

I am of the opinion that most vegetables improve with roasting (one major exception being peas, which are most delicious fresh out of the pod). I think I have about 10 radishes, so I'll do some with butter + salt and some roasted.

Bee said...

I saw the sweetest sheep yesterday -- including a tiny newborn lamb -- as I tramped through English fields.

IMO, radishes make a nice garnish. Carved into roses.

BSR, you are a brave and bold eater! Is there anything that you won't eat? When we go on our food tour, you get to be the official taster and venture into new (dubious looking) foods first.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Radishes? Bold?


I am pretty adventurous, I suppose. I don't like liver, but I can't think f a plant I won't eat.

I will gladly be the "test taster"