Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CSA: week of April 28 to May 2

For some reason this week seems particularly light. I actually bought vegetables at the grocery store for the first time in what must be weeks! More on that tomorrow or Friday, when I actually cook the vegetables in question. For now, here are this week's goodies:

- Lettuce (8 ounces). Salads as usual, perhaps with some of the fennel and orange from this box.

- Baby fennel (1 head). It's so cute! A little tiny bulblet of fennel.

- Strawberries (1 pint). I've already eaten half of them. Very tasty.

- Carrots (2 bunches!). Only one is listed on the packing list, but I got two. Score!

- Asparagus (1 pound). I roasted half of it tonight and will probably do the same later this week. I've been getting asparagus for weeks, and I'm still not tired of it. Kind of amazing, given how strongly I disliked it when I was a kid.

- Rhubarb (0.5 pound, or 2 stalks). Despite getting a deer-in-the-headlights look when I first realized I was getting rhubarb in my box, I'm actually pretty stoked about it. I might do a crumble, or maybe even sorbet. I could add some of the strawberries from my box... if they last long enough, and it's not at all clear that they will.

- Golden beets (3). Off to the fam with these! They do look pretty, though: golden with a pink blush toward the root end.

- Navel oranges (5). Salads, munching, maybe into a rhubarb compote.... we'll see. There are plenty of options!

- Red onion (1). It's enormous! As big as a large grapefruit. I'll have to split it up and use it in a few different things. There's no way I'm going to be able to use it all at once!

What's everyone cooking this week?


Bee said...

I've never heard of golden beets! English people are big into beets -- a veg I've previously avoided. I think that the lurid purple scared me a bit. I'm starting to like them in a salad, though. With goat's cheese and walnuts. (I will eat almost anything with goat's cheese and walnuts, to be honest.)

I am going to have some fennel in my herb garden! I met for two hours this morning with my "garden advisors" and we were discussing new plants.

Have you made asparagus quiche yet?

Rhubarb -- I love it. I fancy making rhubarb and stem ginger muffins . . . must look for a recipe.

As for my own cooking, it is a bit uninspired at the moment. I did make a new cream of tomato soup last night, which was good. It came from Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" -- a cookbook I've had for ages, and just revisited yesterday. It may be the onset of "summer" (a bit of joke here; we had hail a few hours ago), or it may be the influence of my friend Michelle's "no impact" experience, but I think that I might move my family in a more veggie direction.

I plan on doing some sugar cookie trials, so if you DO find an interesting recipe do post it. Thanks! (I wonder if Cook's Illustrated has ever tackled the roll-out sugar cookie?)

Anne said...

The golden beets look a bit like peaches on the inside: a lovely yellow with some pink and purple blush toward the outside (or in this case, the bottom). Very pretty.

By the way, with regard to vegetables that do well when planted in the same bed (this goes back to last week's CSA comment thread), there is a book called Carrots Love Tomatoes on just that topic. According to, it's available over there, although I believe it is aimed at an American audience.

I have never made quiche of any variety, actually. I'm not much of a fan--too eggy for me. But part of me wants to make it just to see how I'd do!

I've never had rhubarb and stem ginger muffins. I'm not even sure what stem ginger is! Do tell!

That book by Deborah Madison is wonderful. I don't have a copy of my own (yet), but I depended heavily on it when I went through a vegetarian phase in high school. One of the things I really like about this CSA thing is that it's helping me to eat more veggies, and therefore to get more of my calories from plant sources. Which is not to say that I've gone all veg, but I do find myself eating a bit less meat.

Cook's Illustrated MUST have done roll-out sugar cookies at some point. There's a recipe out there somewhere.... I'll keep looking.

Anne said...

Bee - I have found a Cook's Illustrated recipe that I think will work. I can't post it just now as I'm at work, but I'll email myself a reminder to post it later this evening.

Bee said...


You are an all-around gorgeous person!

"Carrots Love Tomatoes" sounds just like what I need. I just finished reading the last two chapters of "Little House on the Prairie" to C tonight, and they talk about putting in a garden. . . and, well, it made me laugh at myself because I am fretting about it so!

I need some rhubarb for it, too. Stem ginger, btw, is that syrupy, candied ginger that you buy in a jar. I like a gingerbread that uses ginger in all of its forms: fresh, powdered, and candied.

Quiche lorraine . . . so good!

The girls had asparagus quiche and leftover soup for dinner -- and the soup was even better today.

Looking forward to your cookie post! Have I told you about my substantial cookie cutter collection?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne, Anne, Anne . . .

We simply must get you to love beets! (and eggs, but that's another post)

Yellow beets in particular are great for beet novices because they lack the shocking blood red color.

Hmmm, maybe let's start here.

Anne said...

I don't think I've ever had candied ginger from a jar. The only candied ginger I know is the sugar-dipped kind you can often buy in bulk. I have a bag of it here at work--along with some dark chocolate with bits of candied ginger in it--because I am a ginger fiend. And yes, gingerbread with all forms of ginger is simply the best!

I would love to hear about your cookie cutter collection! Cutting out cookies (and decorating them) is such fun. It was one of my favorite parts of the winter holidays when I was a kid. I'm tempted to make some sugar cookies this weekend! But I'm not sure who would eat them, other than me... and I have only a couple of tiny cookie cutters for working with marzipan, plus one 2-inch gingerbread man cutter for a spiced almond tart recipe.

Believe me, BSR, I WISH I liked eggs. I WANT to like eggs. For one thing, they're a great canvas for various ingredients. Another, one's breakfast options when eating out are quite limited if one doesn't like eggs! And finally, when I'm tired and need a fast, easy meal, eggs seem like the perfect solution.... except that I don't like them.

As for beets, it's not the color that puts me off them (I love the color, actually!), but something about the taste. I don't know what it is. I had them at a great French bistro (in an otherwise delicious salad), so I assume they were well prepared, but I could only manage a bite or two. Again, I WANT to like them (after all, they're so good for you!) but it was a struggle just to swallow them. Maybe my taste buds just haven't finished growing up yet!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Maybe my taste buds just haven't finished growing up yet!

LOL! (really, I did laugh out loud on that one) I think you have pretty grown up taste buds.


btw - I'm with you on the ginger.