Friday, April 11, 2008

CSA: week of April 7-11

Hello faithful readers, and my apologies for the delay in your weekly installment of CSA goodies. This week is perhaps my favorite week yet. Let's try something different this time around, combining the list of items with what I'm going to do with them (or, since I'm so late with this post, what I've done so far).

- Spinach (0.5 lb). I'm sauteing it, wrapping it up in pancetta or ham (one bundle of each--we'll see which works better), searing the bundles on all sides, rolling them up in butterflied chicken breasts, and then following the dredging process for the Crunchy Baked Pork Chops. We'll see how they turn out.

- Chard (1 bunch). I've used half of it so far, along with some asparagus in a spicy udon noodle dish. Yummy. I should post the sauce for the noodles--I must have made it four times in the last two weeks. Very tasty.

- Nantes carrots (1 bunch). I've been peeling these and cutting them up to eat at work. They're wonderfully sweet and make for a great mid-morning snack.

- Rosemary (1 bunch). It's quite a lot of rosemary. I might use it with some potatoes, maybe with some roast chicken, or I might stick some in a bottle and fill it with olive oil.

- Baby lettuce (12 ounces). Salads, as usual. Maybe in a sausage soup with farro, which usually calls for escarole.

- Fennel (1 bulb). I'm totally going to roast this, perhaps with some of the rosemary.

- Asparagus (1 bunch). I used half in the aforementioned noodle dish. I might do the same with the rest of it, I might roast it, I might put it in yet more risotto. Lots of possibilities.

- d'Anjou pears (2 pounds). I love these pears. I'm just going to eat all of them raw.

- Pink Lady Apples (2 pounds). Ditto what I said for the pears. They're just too delicious to eat any way other than raw.

- Green garlic (0.5 pound). I'm excited about cooking with this. If there are tomatoes and peppers at the farmer's market on Sunday morning, I'm going to make a salsa fresca with some of it. Maybe the rest will go into a pesto! And of course there's always stir-fry.

Hope everyone's having a delicious week!


Brave Sir Robin said...

The chicken and spinach sounds incredibley delicious.

And yes, I'd love the noodle recipe.

I might go to the Farmer's Market today. I'm in Pearland, so it's only 45 minutes away.