Friday, June 27, 2008

CSA: "brushing ash off of my produce" edition

Okay, I'm not actually brushing ash off of my weekly CSA goodies. But holy frijoles, it's smoky around here. The 1000+ wildfires burning in the northern part of my otherwise fair state are producing quite a bit of smoke, no small amount of which has settled into the Bay Area. Visibility is so poor that I can barely make out the mountains to the west of me on my side of the bay, and I can't for the life of me see the mountains across the bay. It feels a bit like my home-to-work corridor has been transported to a place with nearly no interesting topography (save the hills to my immediate west, of which I was acutely aware as I was biking up and down them yesterday morning), and I'm here to tell you that it's disconcerting. 

Thankfully no lives have been lost (not to my knowledge), but it makes for stressful times for those whose homes are threatened by the fires. None of my own property is threatened, but my dear friend Katie isn't so lucky. Here's hoping that the winds stay calm or, if they must blow, that Zephyros prevails. 

Meanwhile, the produce keeps on coming. This is my last week with Capay Organic, and while there wasn't any lavender in this box, they still went out with a bang: the first figs of the season. Forget cooking, or even adorning (although I wouldn't have turned down some nice prosciutto), they were eaten almost as soon as they left the box. I am very much looking forward to slicing up the tomatoes sprinkling them with julienned basil, and drizzling them with olive oil. Fresh mozzarella might or might not be added. I have some gorgeous fingerling potatoes to use, probably just roasted with garlic and some of the fresh rosemary that was tucked into the box. I ate one of the peppers (the red one) with my lunch today, and hope to use up the orange one and green ones this weekend. Half of the carrots, peeled and cut up, also found their way into my lunch. I have been nibbling my way through the golf ball-sized peaches, fresh and juicy and delicious. I might make kebabs with the summer squash, or perhaps ratatouille!

Not, of course, that I know when I'm going to do this cooking. I'm heaving a great sigh of relief that it's finally the weekend, but what with all there is to do, the prospect of using up all of this produce is admittedly a little daunting. 


Bee said...

I wish that you could send some of your produce abundance to me! I never fail to feel envious when I read about your box of goodies.

That's awful about the fires . . . does this happen every season? (I associate these fires more with the L.A. area -- but I am woefully out of tune with the U.S. weather situation, other than knowing that there are floods in the Midwest and that it is REALLY HOT in Texas.)

Anne said...

I wish I could, too!

The current fire situation is very unusual. We have a big fire every few years, but's very rare for so many fires, big or small, to be going on at once. Some of the fires don't have any firefighters working on them--there just aren't enough to go around. If southern California gets hit by much fire activity, we're in real trouble--a lot of their firefighters, engines, and so on are up here helping out local forces.