Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Cat Blogging

This little guy turned up in our front yard on Tuesday. He obviously has a family somewhere, as he has a collar, but he's not microchipped and he doesn't have a tag. He has the top half of an ID tube attached to his collar, but the bottom part (and the information inside) seems to have been lost. We're working on finding his family through neighborhood flyers and Craigslist postings, but until then, my parents are giving him a foster home. 

He's as sweet as can be, purrs at the drop of a hat, and is remarkably well behaved. But as much as he's enjoying being off the streets with nice people who pet him and feed him, and as much as my parents are enjoying hearing the pitter-patter of little feline feet in their house, he's obviously a bit confused and misses his family. We're hoping to see him home soon. 


Supersaps said...

What a cutie!!!

Supersaps said...

P.S. Is your other blog now shut-down?

Bee said...

That is really a sweet little cat. Is he young, or just thin?

Anne said...

Sapna - it's not shut down, but this blog has evolved somewhat from being solely a food blog, and readership (such as it is) seems to be concentrated here rather than there. I'll probably leave the other one online, but just post here (as I've been doing for the last several months anyway).

Bee - he's a little thin (maybe from being out on the streets for several days), but I'm pretty sure he's just young. To steal some of J. K. Rowling's words, he has that "pinched, slightly unhealthy look of someone who has grown a lot in a short space of time." He has a healthy appetite, so I'm sure that in no time he'll be back to a healthy weight.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Ohhhh, poor kitty.

He is a sweet looking thing.

My cat, however is something of an a-hole these days.

I hope you find his home.

Bee said...

BSR! What a thing to call your cat. We just call ours a "naughty little tinker." We can't seem to cure him of the divebombing the feet thing.

What's the Thursday word on little cat?

Anonymous said...

He's adorable. Have you found his owners yet?

Anne said...

The Thursday (and Friday) word is that we haven't found his family yet. Standing in line to vote on Tuesday, I overheard someone talking about having lost a cat, but the description didn't match up (they were looking for a black and white cat). Then I found another possible lead on Craigslist, but after sending the person a picture, she said he wasn't her cat, either.

We've put up flyers, posted ads online, looked in the lost and found sections of classifieds and Craigslist, checked with veterinary hospitals and shelters about inquiries... nothing. I'm starting to worry that he might have been dumped.