Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shameless bribe for your continued patience

I know, I know. I don't write, I don't call. These last couple of weeks have been so hectic at work that the Beyond Ramen kitchen has gone virtually unused. It's a crying shame, but neither the code nor the poster was going to write itself, the lazy bums. Now the deadline is met and the 12-hour days are over, but I'm in Boulder for a conference. The cooking won't recommence until the end of this week at the earliest, and the blogging at least a few days after that.

In the meantime, I shall attempt to make up for the lack of food pictures (and content) with pictures of my "kids," starting tonight with Madeleine:

Maddie in hiding


Carolyn said...

Zee most dangerous bag evah!!

I have 2 "kids" at my house to and get similar looks when unloading groceries. I once found one of them in my dryer when unloading clothes and another napping happily in the highest cupboard as I unpacked my dishes. Ahhhhh, the memories

Bee said...

Hey, blogging is all about ebb and flow. (So is cooking, actually . . .)

We'll wait!

(Do you actually call your daughter Madeleine, or does it get shortened? Cause we are bad that way. Minstrel is almost always "Minstree" or "Mince.")

Anne said...

Ha! Our washer & dryer are in the garage, which is off-limits to kittehs, so they're deprived of the warm dryer. And I definitely have to be careful about leaving cabinets open in the kitchen, lest a cat scramble in and knock glassware (or several jars of spices) to the floor.

We I don't think we've called her by her full name since we brought her home. I call her "Maddie," "Maddie Lynne" (the closest I get to her real name), or "Princess Prissy Pants." She really is a prissy little cat.

I once had a cat whose name I think was originally Buster, but whom I inexplicably called "Weasel," "Wizzle," and "Wheeze." Similarly, I had a cat named "Buddy" who ended up being "Gooser" (because he was a silly goose). Funny how names evolve like that.