Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CSA: Week of March 31 to April 4

No picture this week, as I'm going to be rather frazzled and busy when I get home. I'm actually writing this from work, a cheat enabled by my CSA organization's posting box contents online several days before my box arrives.

- Asparagus (1 pound)
- Mixed baby lettuce (12 ounces)
- Chard (1 bunch)
- Pea greens (1 bunch)
- Radishes (1 bunch)
- Ruby grapefruit (4)
- D'Anjou pears (2 pounds)
- Fennel (1 bulb + greens)
- Golden Delicious apples (2 pounds)
- Nantes carrots (1 bunch)
- Spinach (1 bunch)

I've already got plenty of plans for the asparagus and pea greens. Half of the asparagus are going into risotto again (mmm...) and half are going into a stir-fry with the pea greens. The fennel will probably get roasted, either to eat on its own or to have with other veggies.

The fruit will obviously get eaten raw, or at least most of it will. I might poach some of the pears and make a tart. There's a pear and frangipane tart that I've been considering, and these pears would be delicious in it (even though I usually opt for Bosc pears for baking).

As for the rest, I haven't quite thought it through yet. I have two dinners planned, but beyond that...???? I'm still reeling a bit from this weekend, both because of all the food I ate and because I was away for three days. Plus, I'm finally ramping up my training to a finite volume (rather than "zero" or "negligible") so I currently find myself with significantly less free time than I had over the last few weeks. The last couple of days have reminded me how difficult it can be to do my training AND cook fresh, delicious food. I'm determined to do both, and to do them without sacrificing sleep. It will just take a bit of planning ahead--and probably many an early morning workout.


Supersaps said...

Make a substantial salad with the rest? Throw in some nuts, any other veggies you may have, possibly an egg (although I know you are not always a fan), and tofu or chicken?

Brave Sir Robin said...

The last couple of days have reminded me how difficult it can be to do my training AND cook fresh, delicious food.

I know of what you speak!

Anne said...

Sapna--perhaps with some, but the chard and pea greens would need to be cooked. The lettuce always goes into salads, usually with cucumber, sliced almonds, maybe some edamame, and so on. I could add some spinach to that. It's been a while since I last made lasagna... I might make a spinach lasagna as well.

The newsletter that came with the box has a stir-fry recipe that uses pea greens, carrots, chard, and asparagus, so I'll probably try that. And there are so many pea greens (holy frijoles there are a lot!) that I should have enough for at least two dishes. I'll make another pea greens dish with ginger, green onions, chile pepper, soba noodles, etc.

Anne said...

BSR--you know even better than I do!!

Brave Sir Robin said...

The pea greens, ginger, chile and soba sound really, really good.

Anne said...

Don't they? I think that's what I'm having for dinner tonight.

Bee said...

Hi Anne!

I've just been catching up with all of your posts . . . thank you for the description of your dress (!) -- as I like knowing what everyone is wearing! I bought a lovely dress today, and I can just picture myself wearing it in the South of France this summer!

Thank you, too, for taking the time to write down the fabulous details of your recent foodie experiences. Just a few random comments: Charlie Trotter does not seem like my kind of person; the mozzarella guy sounds like a lot more fun! I'm sad that you didn't get to try the lime tart -- as that sounds like one of the best things. How you managed to try all of the other things is beyond me! We went to a 50 b'day this fall and ate 10 courses -- and I was in a food coma for days! Also, the weight loss mystery: Sigmund and I once ate our way through France for almost three weeks -- and I lost 2 pounds. It perplexes me to this day.

I've been wondering about your training schedule -- as you haven't alluded to it recently! I walked for at least two hours today -- and found it rather painful. I am supposed to be walking 26 miles in June, so I, too, need to ramp it up. We will have to add training notes to our food note and our reading notes!

My dinner calls!

Anne said...

Bee! Great to hear from you. I hope your travels are going well!

Trotter seems like he might be okay in person--but as a boss, I think he'd be terribly intimidating. Even just to cook in the same kitchen, with him watching... eek! There is a possibility (perhaps remote) that Katie and I will be cooking risotto with Thomas Keller at some point in the future, and in truth, we are both rather terrified. I am making a point of practicing my knife skills.

I have had Michelle's lime tart on another occasion, and it is extra special good. Fortunately I will be going back, and at some point the tart and I will be there on the same evening. I will be sure to rave about it when I next have the opportunity to enjoy it. :)

What are you training for? Are the 26 miles for a marathon, or a really long hike/walk in another setting? Hope the pain is just muscle soreness and not joint- or blister-related!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne -

Do you get Bon Appetite?

The April issue has an article on cooking from a weekly CSA box. Lots of greens recipes.

Anne said...

BSR - my issue just arrived yesterday! I haven't had a chance to look through it yet. Thanks for the head's up!

Bee said...


My 26 mile goal is for a marathon called the "Moonwalk" -- it is a fundraiser for breast cancer research. We walk in the -- yes, moonlight -- all over Edinburgh (in my case) -- and wearing (maybe) only a highly decorated bra. Actually, I think most people wear their bras over their t-shirts.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here and I probably walked another 8 miles at least: 5 with my mom, 3by myself, and 2 with little girl and her cousin. I've got some patchy red places from getting my first proper dose of sun since last August!

Anne said...

Good for you, Bee! That sounds like a great event. At some point I'd like to do the Midnight Sun mary in Norway... maybe the one in Alaska, too. I'd love to hear about your "highly decorated bra" when the time comes!