Monday, September 15, 2008

Good eats in Cancun?

I'm breaking my delinquent streak to put out a call for foodie recommendations in Cancun. I'll be there from the evening of the 17th to the afternoon of the 23rd, and I'm hoping to eat some great food while I'm there. I have a race (event, really, since I won't exactly be racing it) on Sunday so that day will be taken up by swimming, biking, running, and then the finishers' dinner; but I'll be fending and foraging for myself the rest of the time. 

Ideas, anyone?

ps: I'll also have a few days to kill by myself, so I'm also open to activity suggestions. Sadly, I don't scuba dive. Snorkeling would be an option, but not solo. Update: Hmm, perhaps I could learn to scuba dive...


Bee said...

I've never been to Cancun, so have little to offer other than the obvious -- ceviche and guacamole!
Good luck on your race!!

I've missed talking to you and knowing what you are up to -- not to mention eating. I was thinking about you today, as we had a rare day of glorious sunshine and I considered going to pick raspberries. I still want to make your recipe for raspberry jam. Sadly, we've had such a wet summer that everything is soggy and moldy on the vine.

Hope to hear more from you soon! xx

Anne said...

Bee! I've missed talking to you, too, and I am sorry for the radio silence. I've been lacking in both inspiration and time in which to write, and the result is a rather boring stretch in my little corner of the tubes. Illness and a car accident put me almost completely out of training action for about a month, and when I'm not working out regularly, I'm much more susceptible to funks.

In the coming weeks I should be able to get back to regular workouts, and I'm hoping that that will have me feeling a bit more upbeat and bloggy. Fall is coming, and with it a whole new array of food writing to be done. We already have apples, pears, and cool evening breezes, and I look forward to pumpkins and cranberries.

Meanwhile, what a shame about the raspberries! I hope you were able to find a few that escaped the mold. September raspberries are a nice little last hurrah for summer, aren't they?

Bee said...

Illness? Car accident? I hope you're okay.

I know what you mean about the relationship between physical exertion and mental health. I cannot function without exercise and fresh air.

Please do think about apples when you've got a bit of time. We have a tree absolutely laden with them. You can actually eat them, but I want to experiment with some recipes, too. Is there any nip of autumnal air in California? When I did the school run this morning it was quite cool (50 degrees) and misty. I hope that burns off a bit as my mom and I are going to Oxford for the day.

Thanks for getting in touch. Have fun in Mexico!

Anne said...

Thanks, Bee. The illness was one of those low-key-but-stubborn things. I'd think I was well enough to go back to exercise, and then halfway through the workout I'd want to crawl back in bed. Ah well. Everyone involved in the accident is fine overall, but it definitely could have been worse. A bit of whiplash for several people, a minor concussion for me and one of the other passengers, and some minor scrapes and bruises for the at-fault driver, but everyone walked away from it. I'm amazed that she wasn't more seriously injured, given that her car is probably totaled.

Do you know what kind of apples they are? I think that one of the problems with the apple pie I made a few weeks ago was that the apples just weren't a good baking variety. I love baking with apples... pies, tarts, crisps/crumbles, cakes, stuffed baked apples, compotes... yum! And of course, if you're really up to your ears in apples, you could always make applesauce and can it for later in the year.

We're starting to get a bit of nice autumn coolness here, just in the last few days. Last week we had highs in the 80s, and now we're looking at highs in the 70s. It's just barely cool enough in the evenings that a sweater is warranted when going out for a walk, and mornings are now regularly overcast and brisk. I can't wait for the first rain of the season!

Bee said...

Well, I am really sorry to hear that you've had a concussion -- not nice at all! Car wrecks are always terribly unsettling.

As for my apples, I think that are Cox -- small, firm texture, a bit tart, but not as tart as a cooking apple like a Bramley. I should experiment with a pie. I have barely been cooking lately and no baking at all. My mom and I tend to go out every day, on some expedition or another, and she isn't eating sugar at the moment . . . which does put a crimp in my baking style.

Back to "normal" life next week, hooray.

Brave Sir Robin said...

You're back!!!!

Tell us all about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry you didn't venture out and try the restaurants in Cancun's hotel zone, or in downtown Cancun. By the way, the downtown area of Cancun is only about a 20 minute taxi ride from the middle of the hotel zone. I can think of 4 wonderful restaurants in downtown Cancun right off the top of my head, and several more within the hotel zone.

Hopefully, you'll be able to try more places on your next visit. Here is a small list of good restaurants that shouldn't be missed.

Downtown Cancun

Iki Resto-Bar
La Habichuela

Hotel Zone

Laguna Grill
Puerto Madero
Grill 14
Captain's Cove
La Palapa