Sunday, October 5, 2008


Acacia Tree Software just came out with what looks (so far) like an excellent piece of recipe database software for Mac OS X: SousChef. It allows you to import recipes, manage them with libraries and collections, share them in an online user database, make substitutions, search for recipes based on what you have on hand, and more. 

Two features that look particularly useful are their blogging tool (which I used to write the previous post) and their "10-foot" mode. The latter shows a full-screen, large-font, high-contrast version of the recipe's ingredients and directions so that you can cook from a recipe on your computer while still keeping your computer in a safe (splatter-free) place. While in 10-foot mode you can use the computer's keyboard arrows, an Apple remote, or voice commands to step through the directions. I haven't set up the voice command part yet, but it seems pretty cool so far. 
Anyway, it's free for a 30-day limited demo, and $30 for a license that allows you full-featured use. 

Update: here's a screenshot. There are more (lower resolution) screen shots for the various capabilities at the main site.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Mac only?

Because that looks pretty handy!

Anne said...

Looks like it's Mac-only. On their "about us" page they say they're "a boutique Macintosh development company."

Bee said...

You are back on-line with a vengeance!