Sunday, October 12, 2008

The virtues of cooking for more than one, even when one is only one

I cook primarily for myself, and by that I mean that out of everything I cook, only a tiny percentage is ever even tasted by anyone other than myself. When it comes to food, I'm essentially a one-person household, despite the fact that I live in a two-person household. Anyway, I cook for one, but as most recipes are built for more than one, I end up with leftovers. This is overwhelmingly the case with soups and stews, and so I end up with a freezer full of chicken and rice soup, Tuscan white bean soup, black bean chili, chili con carne, and so on. I usually forget about all that I have tucked away in the freezer--out of sight, out of mind--but this weekend I'm patting myself on the back for having squirreled away so much food. When one knows that one will be at work late into the evening--when one can't cook a meal but doesn't want to spend the money on take-out--it's nice to be able to reach into the freezer on one's way out the door and grab a container, so that one might have a wholesome, delicious, home-cooked meal even when cooking is out of the question.

* That is, until I go to put something into the freezer and realize that because of all the other stuff I've already stored, there's no more room.


Brave Sir Robin said...

The hard part for me is remembering that it is there.

When the fridge gets full of leftovers we can't eat, I have a friend I call who's always glad to take it off my hands.

Maybe your brother's water polo team?


btw - This past week I made an Apple pie, but I used half pear and half apple. It was well received.

Bee said...

The girls and I got home "late" tonight (7 pm) and I was so grateful to have some leftover minestrone in the refrigerator! Who said that leftovers are like money in the bank? (And maybe better than that these days.)

Luckily, I guess, our freezer doesn't hold much . . . so I can't squirrel away too much. But I do try!

TBM said...

I used to detest leftovers when I was a child. For the longest time I would only cook enough for one meal. But I, too, have discovered the joys of freezing one serving portions. And, amazingly, I remember to eat them--usually for lunches. They're the cook's treat ;-)

Bee said...

The kitty post won't let me leave a comment, so I hope that you will find this one. Just a few things: I wanted you to know that I made pistou again, with chorizo this time, and it was a big, big hit with Sigmund. Your efforts are appreciated, dear Anne.

Very sorry that you are having to work on the weekend. I wish that I could send you some gingerbread or apple pie or zucchini bread. I seem to do nothing but bake these days.

Anne said...

Finally getting around to responding to all of your comments...

BSR - Indeed! I can never remember what's what, and of course I'm terrible about labeling things. Once or twice I've defrosted what I thought was chicken and leek soup, only to find that it's chicken and leek pie filling. Both tasty, and with similar ingredients, but not exactly interchangeable. My brother's polo team might take leftovers, but I'd feel bad if the leftovers of my "makes 8 servings" soup only fed two of them. ;)

Bee - I'm so glad Sigmund enjoyed the pisto! It's become something of a fallback option for me when I have too many peppers on hand. I think we're nearing the end of that season, though.

Anne said...

And JAPRA - I'm a recent disciple of the virtues of leftovers, too. I still maintain that some things just aren't very good the next day. Soups, though, seem to keep almost indefinitely!