Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And now for something somewhat different

Tonight was going to be part the third in my ploy to keep you all entertained, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight we'll stay with the kitteh theme, but we'll go back a few generations on the family tree:

Tiger giving us a backward glance.

This afternoon I took the Suitor on his (slightly delayed) birthday outing. The destination: Wild Animal Sanctuary, a several-hundred-acre facility that houses and cares for various types of large carnivores. Lions and tigers and bears (oh my) indeed! As well as leopards, wolves, servals, mountain lions, and so on.

Male lion #1

It was pretty much the coolest thing ever, especially when the wolves started howling near sunset, and the lions started roaring. I have decided that one of my goals in life is to live where I can hear wolves howl at night.

Tiger contemplating us as a snack

Oh, and in case you needed any more evidence that the big cats are essentially bigger and potentially more destructive versions of our little ones:

Tiger relaxing

"Rub my belly!!"


Carolyn said...

Holy crap I hope I never find one of those in my dryer or dish cupboard!! Glad you guys had fun. I use to live in central Washington and you could hear coyotes howl all night - not as cool as wolves but definitely cool!

Bee said...

I think that there are lots of howling wolves in Montana and Wyoming!

Those cats look like they haven't lost their mojo.

Anne said...

Coyotes howling would be neat, too. We have them where where I grew up, but I never heard them howling. We did have an owl living outside my bedroom, though, and that was cool.

I'm sure that in many respects it would be great to live in Montana or Wyoming. I don't think that the short growing season and lack of local produce would agree with me, but I suppose you never know where the winds of employment opportunity might take you...