Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shameless plea, etc. part the third

Back to the little ones this evening. Via the blog, that is--I don't return in person until tomorrow. Meet Dusty:

Dusty lounging

a.k.a. "Dustbuster," a.k.a. "Dusty bear," a.k.a "Purrface," a.k.a. "Purrball."

He is Dizzy's major competition in the cuddle department. He is a very active cuddler, and a very vocal one as well. He typically walks all over one's lap in pursuit of the perfect cuddle position, finds it, gets up, and walks around again. If there's another lap nearby, he walks back and forth between the two, as if he can't decide whose lap he'd rather occupy. Only vigorous and sustained petting gets him to settle down, and if you don't keep up the petting to his satisfaction, he lets you know with a chattery sort of half-meow, half-chirp. He's just a big love bug.


Carolyn said...

LoL Dusty definitley does not have any self esteem issues. What a handsome fella!! Love the green table cloth :)

Anne said...

Thanks! You're totally right about the self esteem issues (or rather, the lack thereof). If anything, he has an oversized sense of entitlement, but it's more endearing in a cat than it is in people.