Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shameless plea, etc. part the fourth (and last?)

I had intended to space out the cats so that this series would end roughly about the same time that I returned to the kitchen. So much for that. Yesterday my advisor gave me the green light to go to another conference... next week... in Scotland. We got home from Denver rather late last night, and today has been a whirlwind of errands, laundry, and other activity in preparation for my next departure, a mere 36 hours after my arrival home from the last trip. Fortunately--trying to look on the bright side here--I can look forward to something like 17 hours of sitting on planes, which should allow me to catch my breath (and perhaps even a few winks). But the long and the short of it is that the blog will be quiet for another week and a half or so while I go hobnob with more physicists at St. Andrews.


Orbit and irises

Orbit is our cool cat. He is typically reserved, aloof, and calculating--especially if he spies something tasty that he knows he's not meant to eat. He waits in the wings and bides his time until we look away; then, in a split second, he snatches his prize and scampers off to enjoy it. He doesn't really have a nickname, but if he did, it might as well be "sneaky cat!"

Now and then, though, he breaks with convention in a burst of kittenish behavior or an intense demand for affection. He has a nightly ritual of burrowing underneath the comforter with us when we get into bed, and has even been known to sit in laps on special occasions. Mostly, though, he observes from afar: blinking sagely, twitching his tail, and no doubt plotting the untimely end of us two humans.


Bee said...

Isn't it funny how cats can look so terribly cunning and calculating? I wish that we could see into their heads . . .

Hobnobbing with physicists in Scotland sounds like jolly good fun! The weather is lovely and warm right now (but I would still pack some warm things and a raincoat, just in case).

Anne said...

It is, isn't it? I often wish I could hear the inner workings of their minds.

The weather is gorgeous up here today! Sunny and pleasant, with a bit of a breeze. I brought a range of clothing: some sweaters and some lighter stuff, along with a rain jacket and a light coat. I feel like I can dress for anything from mid-40s up to the mid-80s.

Jenny Deiker said...

These kitteh pics are awesome. I'm just catching up with Beyond Ramen. It's awesome. One day, ONE GLORIOUS DAY! I will try one of your recipes. And I will visit the kittehs one of these years.

Anne said...

Belatedly catching up on your comment, Jenny. You should so visit the kittehs. And you should try one of the recipes! Or visit the kittehs and I'll make one (or many) for you. In other words, come! There will be food!